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PL4Y International is an organisation affiliated with Groupe SOS Jeunesse


As a social business, Groupe SOS uses economic efficiency to benefit the general welfare. Built on the principle of fighting social exclusion, Groupe SOS has been able to diversify its activities over time and now develops excellent programmes for even the most destitute. In doing this, it fulfils society’s fundamental needs through its five-fold business core: youthemploymentsolidarityhealth, and senior citizens.


Groupe SOS is demonstrating that it is possible to build a solid organisation, capable of creating permanent, economically feasible programmes, while still having a strong social impact. Its structure does not allow for dividends to be paid out to any individuals. This allows them to focus on quality of service, notably through numerous social innovations that help resolve many of our society’s current issues.


Whether it be with public organisations, businesses, or partnerships with other NGO’s, Groupe SOS solidifies its actions through dynamic co-construction. Enriched by its own know-how in the field of management, Groupe SOS has been able to integrate many other organisations; all of them have developed synergy, made their practices more professional, shared expenses…



Groupe SOS uses economic efficiency to benefit the general public.



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Groupe SOS in numbers


1984, year founded


495 establishments throughout 12 regions in France, including Guyana, Mayotte, Reunion, Guadeloupe 


17,000 employees


1,7 million beneficiaries


910 million euros in revenue  




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