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Established in 1999, PLAY International, formerly Sports Sans Frontières, is an organisation whose goal is international solidarity.  We are registered with the French Ministry for Health, Youth, and Sports, as well as with the Ministry for Education.




Our mission: (re)build, educate, and prevent through sports. 


Our main goals: help overcome traumatic incidents, favour active education, and promote social cohesion.



Since its creation, the organisation has taken action in 12 countries throughout the world, and is currently present in Burundi, Kosovo, and France. Finding ourselves in often difficult situations, we have committed to making sports and games the solution to many social, educational, and therapeutic issues.



The beginnings of Playdagogy can be traced back to PLAY International’s mission in Bolivia and it has developed ever since, launching officially in France in 2012 in Vitry-sur-Seine. Using this programme, PL4Y International is creating new strategic partnerships, allowing for the wide-scale implantation throughout the world of Playdagogy’s socio-athletic methods.



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