Face-to-face training



To provide the best support for teachers, specialists and activity leaders, we offer training to optimize the use of dedicated tools and strengthen their knowledge and skills in order to set up Playdagogie sessions .





Training objective :


Enhance the knowledge and skills of teachers, leaders and specialists to implement Playdagogie sessions and use dedicated tools for their autonomy.


Target audience :


Teachers, activity leaders and specialists* (max 30 people)

*Prerequisite: Educators must possess a certificate proving their aptitude as a session leader and be competent in socio-athletic education, or in raising awareness, or with the target public.

If these prerequisites are not a possibility, a supplementary preparation can be made to adapt to your needs.  


At the end of the training participants will have:


- Discover Playdagogie
- Prepare and lead the Playdagogie session
- Facilitate the debate
- Integrate Playdagogie to their animation / educational projects
- Adapt content to children profiles



Training duration  :


1 day of training ( Time slots available: 9am to 12am, 1pm to 5pm)


Themes to choose :


Social : Social cohesion, Social skills, disabilities, Girl-boy dynamics, Inclusion*

Health: Nutrition
Environment: Water



All our training courses can be tailored according to your requests.


* The Inclusion Training gathering several sub-themes, it requires more preparation time (at least two days of training).



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Phone : 01 53 27 66 47